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I was tired of crash diets, of temporarily losing weight and then putting it back on at the same speed. For once I wanted to lose weight in a healthy and balanced way. Although I had read a lot about nutrition, Jill helped me put things into perspective with a professional eye. She gave me a pragmatic approach to eating less and maintaining a more balanced diet, she provided a whole range of delicious recipes in case I ran out of ideas… and it worked! I started losing weight slowly but constantly, and feeling a lot better! I really recommend Jill, she is great!

Cristina, Fulham


I came to Jill with the issue of being in a viscous circle. I get big, I diet, I lose weight, I stop the diet and get big again. I weighed in at 100kgs.

Jill taught me that weight issues have nothing to do with dieting, but everything to do with balance. Now I am 89kgs, with a target of 81kgs and am using the simple steps Jill gave me to get there. I have more energy, throughout the day, and have no need for caffeine any more!

Neil, Pimlico


I very much respect Jills knowledge and expertise within the field of nutrition. Further more she offers this advice in a pragmatic manner, taking into account the patients lifestyle. I have personally learned so much from Jill's friendly yet very informed manner. Having taken advantage myself, I have offered this service to a number of my employees to ensure full health.

Gill, Shoreditch


I have a weak heart. Jill recommended a nutrious range of foods which have enabled me to keep fit and build up my strength.

Tom, Brentford


I cannot recommend Jill highly enough. She has been supportive and encouraging in helping me work through the food intolerance problems I have had in the last few years. She provides expert knowledge in a friendly manner, helping formulate simple changes that can make a huge difference. I think the majority of people would benefit from a session with Jill, especially those with health problems, even if they aren't food related.

Nerys, Wimbledon


Jill has a very extensive, thorough knowledge of all aspects of nutrition.

She has given me advice about food intolerances and supplements, as well as practical advice on how to eat in a healthy balanced way. I have followed the advice about boosting my immune system and I have been feeling much better and feeling more alert and much better within myself. My tiredness has become much less frequent.

Jill has also given me constructive and detailed advice about a good diet when I'm travelling abroad for work where food choices are sometimes limited. I feel that Jill has made a huge contribution to improving my general well being.

Jo, Shepherd's Bush


I thoroughly enjoyed my consultations with Jill. She is a great listener, and she finds easy ways to improve one's diet.

Thais, Pimlico


I warmly recommend Jill Barber as a nutritionist. She has a pleasant and intelligent personality.

She gives cogent and well reasoned advice and makes suggestions for changes to one's diet that are both practical and realistic and not too ambitious. In consequence one is able to make changes to one's daily diet and eating habits that are effective and long lasting.

Thanks to her advice I have changed my diet and in consequence feel healthier and less stressed, which were my main reasons for consulting her.

Jane, Chelsea


I came to Jill Barber with a range of issues such as IBS and tiredness and she was able to give me a complete review of my diet and offer me constructive and practical advice. She was a good listener and helpful and had a wide knowledge of dietary issues and related items such as nutrients and how the body uses different foods. I certainly learnt a lot and have adapted my diet and as a result my symptoms are abating. I have no hesitation in recommending Jill.

Katie, Chiswick


When training for a marathon earlier this year I had no real idea about what I should eat to support my extra training. Jill was able to give me good advice based on my individual requirements, which I know helped me enormously. This was especially the case with carbohydrate intake and what to eat and drink just before the marathon.

Robin, New Malden


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