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The Men who made us Fat

This excellent BBC Two programme showed Jacques Peretti lifting the lid on the power of the food industry.  As well as highlighting more known facts about the creation of fructose from a waste by-product of corn, called High Fructose Corn Syrup which found it’s way into many US foodstuffs as being one of the worst effects on obesity via calories and brain chemistry, it raised several shocking facts, which in a nutshell are as follows;


Ancel Keys, an American nutritionist who started to promote the idea that dietary fat was the most hazardous component of our diet after visiting Britain on a sabbatical he noticed the high intake of fish and chips and correlated this with the high degree of heart disease. This had no scientific basis.


In the mid-1970s, a fierce debate raged behind the closed doors of academia over heart disease. It boiled down to one simple question: what caused it - sugar or fat? The studies showed it was sugar but once again fat was cast as the baddie and overnight, low-fat products arrived on the shelves. Low-fat yoghurts, spreads, desserts and biscuits. All with the fat taken out, and largely replaced ironically, with sugar.


It showed the power of the food industry making threats to the world health organisation if they published finds about the effect of sugar on health, which happened as recently as this century.


One fact is for sure though, we have been eating fat as long as we have been evolving, and you can’t say the same about High Fructose Corn Syrup or even pure sugar.