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Memories of Zinc

After the news this week that the government are investing more money into dementia research, which is great news, there's research from the US showing the significance of zinc in ensuring cognitive stability.

A combination of researchers from Harvard, Boston University, The Universities of Alberta and Arizona and The Chopra Foundation have looked at patients with Alzheimer's disease. The research, published in the journal Neuron, showed how important zinc is in ensuring efficient cognitive stability and in helping with memory formation. Removing zinc leads to problems with communications; improving the levels of zinc to the brain significantly restored communications in the hippocampus region of the brain, which lead to an improvement in learning and memory capabilities. They believe that memory loss associated with Alzheimer's disease is due to zinc imbalances.

Zinc is a vital mineral found in every body cell and is a component of over 200 enzymes.  Zinc is used in more enzymatic functions than any other mineral. It's important for the action of many hormones, so is particularly important in immunity, blood sugar balance and fertility.

The best know source for zinc is oysters, but it's also found in other shellfish, canned fish and lean red meat. Good concentrations are found in green leafy vegetables, mushrooms, potatoes, ginger root, nuts especially pecans & walnuts; pumpkin seeds have a high concentration and it's found in cereals, rice, rye, oats, lentils, pulses, wholegrains, brewers yeast, cheese, wholemeal bread and eggs.