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It's all in the iron

A recent Harvard University study suggests that an iron-rich diet 'helps combat PMT'. This means eating lots of broccoli, sesame seeds and other plant foods rich in iron can help combat premenstrual tension (PMT). Iron might be related to PMS because it is involved with the production of the brain chemical serotonin, which helps regulate mood. Plant foods rich in iron include broccoli, which has 1mg per 100g. But, toasted sesame seeds (14.8mg per 100g) and dried apricots (6.3mg per 100g) have even more. Make sure you are getting enough.

Make sure your diet is sufficient in iron, as low iron levels can be associated with memory problems and poor coordination. Other sources of iron are found in;

Shellfish (not for under 2 years old), lean red meat, fish especially sardines (best absorption of animal iron); cocoa, green leafy vegetables, wholegrains, fortified cereals, nuts especially almonds; seeds especially sesame; peas, lentils, parsley, spices, egg yolks, yeast, wheatgerm, wholemeal bread, dried fruits, figs and blackstrap molasses