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Food for the brain

The biological processes of our brain may play a role in serious public health issues, including diabetes, obesity, binge eating, and the temptation of high-calorie meals.

The findings were unveiled this month at Neuroscience 2012, which is seen as the world’s greatest source of new information on neurology and well-being.

The study used imaging technology to see how dietary disorders affect neurology and the scientists were able to associated the foods people eat to how and what they think.

The common goal of the experts in each study was to identify a new approach to treat diet-related disorders, whiles hoping to increase people’s understanding that obesity and diet impact physical and mental health.

They found that an individual's cognitive function is influenced by obesity, meaning that more effort is needed to finish a complex decision-making task.

Also when people skip breakfast, brain images have demonstrated that the pleasure-seeking portion of the brain becomes turned on after looking at images of foods high in calories.

Skipping the first meal of the day also caused subjects to eat more food at lunch, which challenges the idea that fasting is a good way to control diet.

I am a great believer that what we eat affects our health and that by taking simple steps to improve our diet can have far reaching health benefits. Have a look at my testimonial page to see what clients have said.